What Can You Do with a Prevention Science Degree?

Prevention science graduates often become prevention specialists, nurses, teachers, case workers, treatment counselors, behavioral health workers and more.

Class Highlight - Drugs and the Brain

Class Highlight - Drugs and the Brain demystifies the basic processes behind drug addiction by delving into its effects on the brain.

Class Highlight - Substance Abuse Prevention Across the Lifespan

Substance Abuse Prevention Across the Lifespan addresses how individuals respond to drug abuse differently at various stages of life.

Alizay Paracha – Transforming Communities with Prevention Science

Master of Prevention Science student Alizay Paracha puts her education to use by advocating for families through the Medical-Legal Partnership for Children.

Program Highlight - Healthcare Degrees

The modern healthcare system requires a highly skilled workforce. PACS is proud to answer the call for training with a variety of healthcare degrees.

First Master of Prevention Science Grad in the Nation

A CLS student accomplished an historic personal goal by becoming the first person in the nation to graduate with a Master of Prevention Science degree.

Applauding a Milestone - A Conversation with Our 2014 Spring Banner Carrier

Cheryl Reid, Banner Carrier for the Spring 2014 Convocation ceremony, is an outstanding example of what hard work and integrity can accomplish in academics.