OU Naval ROTC Alumnus Rear Adm. James Bynum Named Patriot of the Game

Rear Adm. James Bynum, an OU Naval ROTC alumnus, celebrated both his retirement and Patriot of the Game selection at the OU-Nebraska football game.

PACS Criminal Justice Student Jeremy Adams Named Patriot of the Game

OU College of Professional and Continuing Studies criminal justice student Jeremy Adams was named Patriot of the Game during the Sept. 11 OU football game.

Former OU Army ROTC Cadet Colonel Named Patriot of the Game

Col. William F. Higgins Jr., an Army veteran and former OU Army ROTC cadet, was named PACS Patriot of the Game at OU’s spring football game April 24.

Service Members Honored During OU Football Season

Five service members earned the OU PACS Patriot of the Game honor during the 2020 football season.

Longtime OEC Head, Vietnam Vet Named Patriot of the Game

Army Specialist 5 Max Meek of Norman was honored as Patriot of the Game at the OU-Missouri State football game Sept. 12.

National Guard Surgeon Receives Patriot of the Game Honor

Col. Ted Ware, brigade surgeon for the Oklahoma Army National Guard 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Unit, honored as OU Extended Campus Patriot of the Game.

Purple Heart Recipient Honored as Patriot of the Game

Retired Air Force officer and Purple Heart Recipient, Lt. Col. Steven Fisher, was honored as Patriot of the Game at the OU-West Virginia football game.

Two-Star Marine General, Son Honored as Patriots of the Game

OU graduates Maj. Gen. Tracy W. King and his son, Capt. Chase King, were honored as OU Extended Campus Patriots of the Game during the OU-Iowa State game.

Patriot of the Game Orchestrates Surprise Reunion with Father

OU football facilities serves as setting as Staff Sgt. Ryan Carter surprises his father after returning from deployment in Africa.

OU-South Dakota Game Serves as Special Setting for Patriot of the Game

United States Navy Chief Petty Officer Ryan Bibb gets special Patriot of the Game recognition during OU-South Dakota football game.