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OLLI Senior Seminars for February 2023

Satisfy your intellectual curiosity with one of the 12 new OLLI courses starting in February 2023.

OLLI Senior Seminars for January 2023

OLLI is giving seniors a boost into 2023 with a 11 new courses starting in January.

OLLI Senior Seminars for November 2022

OLLI is easing the transition into the holiday season with four new courses starting in November.

OLLI Senior Seminars for October 2022

OLLI will host eight new Senior Seminars starting in October featuring topics in history, philosophy, political science and science.

OLLI Senior Seminars for September 2022

OLLI at OU will host nine Senior Seminars starting in September that will excite a wide array of interests.

OLLI Senior Seminars for August 2022

OLLI will host nine courses in August, featuring topics in film, health, history, literature, philosophy and political science.

OLLI Senior Seminars for May/June 2022

The end of the Spring 2022 semester is rapidly approaching, and OLLI is here to help ease you into summer with four new Senior Seminar courses starting throughout May and June.

OLLI Senior Seminars for April 2022

OLLI will present six new Senior Seminars in April 2022 featuring topics in art, health, history, literature and science.

OLLI Senior Seminars for March 2022

Spring is just around the corner, and OLLI is adding to the vibrance of the season with seven new courses on the March 2022 Senior Seminar schedule.

OLLI Senior Seminars for February 2022

OLLI has filled its February 2022 Senior Seminar schedule with 11 new courses to get you through the end of the winter season.