Registered Behavior Technician Training

PACS offers a course that prepares students to become qualified healthcare providers as Registered Behavior Technicians.

Health Obstacles Drive Student Toward Health Degree, Career

The OU PACS online option allowed Emily Holladay to complete a bachelor’s degree in Lifespan Care Administration.

Class Highlight - Death and Dying

In Death and Dying, students will see how cultures and religions around the world deal with death.

What Can You Do with a Degree in Lifespan Care?

The need for caregivers specializing in all stages of the lifespan continues to increase. Learn what you can do with a lifespan care degree.

Class Highlight - Management of Child Care Facilities

This class teaches students what they need to know about the personnel, management, and legal requirements involved in managing child care facilities.

Class Highlight - Lifespan Health

In Lifespan Health, students learn to identify signs of basic health problems and gain insight into how lifestyles, behaviors and culture affect health.

Class Highlight - Parenting: Different Models

Parenting: Different Models explores the four archetypal parenting models and how they can predict a child’s social, academic and behavioral performance.

Class Highlight - Lifespan Development

Lifespan Development focuses on human development from birth to death, drawing from disciplines like biology, psychology, sociology, and medicine.

Program Highlight - Healthcare Degrees

The modern healthcare system requires a highly skilled workforce. PACS is proud to answer the call for training with a variety of healthcare degrees.

Class Highlight - Issues in Adolescence I and II

Issues in Adolescence I and II provide explore the physical, behavioral, mental, emotional and social changes that accompany adolescent development.