Todd Hubbard - Flying with a Mission

OU Aviation professor and retired Air Force Lt. Col. Todd Hubbard has always had a larger purpose fueling his desire to fly.

PACS Instructor to Head International Archaeoastronomy Research Group

As chair of an IAU working group, Gullberg will work with astronomers from 31 countries to further the global advancement of archaeoastronomy and astronomy.

Professor’s Travels Rally Support for Proposed Archaeoastronomy Degree

Steve Gullberg drummed up support for a new archaeoastronomy and Native American astronomy program while attending the SEAC conference in Spain.

Instructor Publishes Book on American National Security Policy

In his new book, Fishel explains security policy-making by looking at the elements that shape it—from institutions and legislation to policymakers themselves.

Paul Ketchum - Making a Difference for Disadvantaged High School Students

Paul Ketchum has been busy creating and implementing a program to increase the number of disadvantaged students eligible to attend college.

Staff Member Sheila Curry Completing Master of Legal Studies

Staff member Sheila Curry is scheduled to be among the third graduating class of the Master of Legal Studies program offered by the OU College of Law.

Faculty Forum - What's Happening in Astronomy?

Dr. Steve Gullberg talks Insight readers through Planet Nine, the upcoming 2017 solar eclipse, and the startling scale of the universe.

CESL Instructor Spotlight - Hilary Kirk

This month, Hilary Kirk, CESL’s favorite British ESL instructor, is celebrating her 6th year here at the Center for English as a Second Language at OU.

Faculty Forum - Trust Your Gut: Humans and Bacteria that Live Within Us

Adjunct faculty member Kristin Wade discusses microbiota and their role in the human body.

Steve Gullberg Presents at SEAC

Professor Steven Gullberg attends a conference of the Société Européenne Pour L’Astronomie Dans La Culture (SEAC).