CESL Class Highlight - Global Citizenship Series

The Global Citizenship Series gets CESL students out of the classroom and into the community.

Class Highlight - U.S. History in World War II: Pacific Theater

U.S. History in World War II: Pacific Theater examines the social, political, economic and military reasons for the War in the Pacific.

Class Highlight - Exploring Race and Gender in Film (Hybrid Option)

Exploring Race and Gender in Film looks at inequality and inclusiveness through the cinematic lens, analyzing the evolution of film.

Class Highlight - Quest for Justice

Films in the legal genre provide a perfect medium to explore issues like ethics, personal safety and political sway.

Class Highlight - Life Design

In Life Design, students work to discover who they are and what they want to become.

Class Highlight - Women in the Bible and Qur’an

In Women in the Bible and Qur’an, students will learn how our expectations and assumptions about women, and their roles in society, are derived largely from these books.

Class Highlight - Death and Dying

In Death and Dying, students will see how cultures and religions around the world deal with death.

Class Highlight - Exploring Justice

Exploring Justice challenges students to examine their own moral codes through discussion of the concept of justice.

Class Highlight - Federal Laws and Museums

Federal Laws and Museums teaches students all the information museum professionals need to stay in compliance with federal law.

Class Highlight - Organizational Communication

In Organizational Communication, students analyze communication challenges in their current organizations and work on skills they can start using today.