Spring 2018 Banner Carrier - Passion Meets Purpose for Sadaf Imani

Once Sadaf Imani discovered her passion, she found her purpose and the sky was the limit.

Banner Carrier Stephen Collins Hopes Degree Will Expand Music Career

Stephen Collins has put his administrative leadership degree to good use while working as a music director, guitar and piano teacher, and music producer.

Banner Carrier Reflects on His Start in Criminal Justice

Banner Carrier Brian Mayer talked to us about how volunteering as a sheriff's deputy led him to pursue a master's degree in criminal justice.

Leland Dye Carries on Time-Honored Banner Carrier Tradition

Leland Dye served as the banner carrier for the Spring 2016 ceremonies after he finished his self-paced program at OU.

Banner Carrier Tiffany Roberts Reflects on Time at CLS

Tiffany Roberts served as the Banner Carrier for the Winter 2015 ceremonies. She began her studies at CLS with two children, Aiden (17) and Emma (7).

Becoming the Banner Carrier - Kimberly Mahoney

The Banner Carrier is a decades-long tradition that signifies great academic achievement. Kimberly Mahoney accepted the honor in spring of 2015.

A Conversation With Banner Carrier Latoya Groves

Banner Carriers are chosen for their exemplary commitment to academic success. Latoya Groves, graduate of 2014, remembers her time at CLS.

Applauding a Milestone - A Conversation with Our 2014 Spring Banner Carrier

Cheryl Reid, Banner Carrier for the Spring 2014 Convocation ceremony, is an outstanding example of what hard work and integrity can accomplish in academics.

Fall 2013 Banner Carrier Reflects on Time at CLS

Ryan Tupps served as the Banner Carrier this December for the Fall 2013 Convocation ceremony. Ryan was selected for his outstanding academic achievements.

2013 Spring Banner Carrier Reflects on Time at CLS

Nathan Jacobs, Spring 2013 Banner Carrier, is an example of distinguished character and academic commitment. He now reflects on his time at CLS.