Graduate Certificate in Administrative Leadership Can Set You Apart

Ready to lead in the workplace? Get the skills you need in less time with a Graduate Certificate in Administrative Leadership.

Class Highlight - Conflict Resolution

Conflict is an inevitable part of human interaction. Learning how to deal with it head on is a crucial part of leading effectively.

Wilson Credits Degrees for Successful Businesses, Political Career

Sereta Wilson is known by many names: mom, wife, farmer, councilwoman, Norman, OK business owner—and Extended Campus grad.

Toston Gets Special Gift on Graduation Day

Chelsea Toston didn’t think much could top getting her Administrative Leadership degree, but her boyfriend had another surprise for her after Convocation.

Class Highlight - Understanding Educational Inequality in the U.S.

In Understanding Educational Inequality in the U.S., students learn how to clearly define how race, class and gender impact education in the United States. 

Class Highlight - Assessment-Based Coaching

In Assessment-Based Coaching, students will learn how leadership and executive coaches use assessments to coach organizational leaders.

Class Highlight - Exploring Race and Gender in Film (Hybrid Option)

Exploring Race and Gender in Film looks at inequality and inclusiveness through the cinematic lens, analyzing the evolution of film.

Class Highlight - Organizational Communication

In Organizational Communication, students analyze communication challenges in their current organizations and work on skills they can start using today. 

Banner Carrier Stephen Collins Hopes Degree Will Expand Music Career

Stephen Collins has put his administrative leadership degree to good use while working as a music director, guitar and piano teacher, and music producer.