Summer is Not a Slow Time for the Forum

Forum BuildingForum and Conference Services at OU hosts events throughout the year, including OU College of Continuing Education (CCE) events, other OU events, and non-OU events. The primary function of Forum and Conference Services is to provide a venue for educational and non-educational events, meetings or activities while providing logistical help, such as registration services, housing, and dining.

“We hold a lot of activities, events, meetings, and workshops at our facility for many different clients,” said Kristin Trammell, assistant Forum director. “We enjoy getting to work with other companies and organizations.”

This past summer, Forum and Conference Services hosted events both large and small. The following are some of the major activities they hosted on campus during summer months:

Oklahoma Girls State

Girls State is a nationwide American Legion auxiliary program that focuses on Americanism and good citizenship. Held primarily on OU’s campus, this year’s Oklahoma Girls State featured a variety of events such as guest speakers, mock congress sessions, debates and more.

United Auto Workers (UAW)

UAW is an international union for automobile, aerospace and agricultural implement workers. This past June, Forum and Conference Services hosted the UAW Region #5 annual meetings for retired and active members.

Oklahoma Teen Conference 

As a part of the Oklahoma Independent Living Program and the National Resource Center for Youth Services, more than one hundred participants, including teens and adult sponsors, gathered on OU’s campus to build relationships, learn life skills and have fun. In addition to these events, Forum and Conference Services hosted several smaller activities such as the Herbalife STS Conference, an Oklahoma Water Resource Board conference, numerous CCE events and other small day workshops. This fall, the Forum will be hosting several large events including the International Water Conference, the Rural Underserved Health Conference, the Supercomputing Symposium and the Women in Business Leadership Conference. Forum and Conference Services is available to host both OU and non-OU events. Additionally, they can assist in support services for both on-campus and off-site events. Visit the Forum and Conference Services website to get in touch with someone about your next event.

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Ann White

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