Sue Schofield Leaves CLS for Life as an Artist

Sue Schofield Leaves CLS for Life as an Artist

Sue Schofield retired from the College of Liberal Studies (CLS) in March. Her office has been a beacon for students and faculty – a place where they could go for guidance and moral support as they worked on their Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) degree, but also for some real human connection.

She is now volunteering at the Charles Russell Center for the Study of the Art of the American West. Schofield is also taking art lessons with Ron Radcliff at Blue Apples Gallery and with Carol Armstrong at the Firehouse Art Center, working in oil and watercolor, and will resume her docent duties at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art this fall.

“Sue Schofield has provided superb professional assistance to the faculty and to the students in our MLS program. She is dedicated to the needs of the students and has also provided personal and informal consultations in which she offered support and guidance. She has been the key to the success of the majority of our master’s graduates. Sue will be missed.”

– Mary Jo Watson, faculty   

Chapter Two

Schofield said, “Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to call myself an artist but that is indeed what I have become. First, it was just a hesitant whisper. Then, it became a little louder, and now with full voice I say, ‘I am an artist.’ I will be moving full time into activities that have been the focus of my life outside the university for several years. There is so much to learn and a borderless realm in which to grow.

“So here I am. Sculpting to painting to writing to who knows what the future holds. Like every other act of learning with intention, this process will develop its own focus and energy and direction. I’m just going along for the ride and loving every minute of it. I hope that all CLS students will find the same kind of excitement, direction, and rewards in their learning experiences as I am finding in these new ones of mine. I know many of you have. The future is full of possibilities.”

Update: The College of Liberal Studies was renamed the College of Professional and Continuing Studies in 2017. 

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