OU Outreach-Sponsored Film to Be Revealed at GI Film Festival

  • April 29, 2013, 4:49 p.m.

The Hornet's Nest Logo

"The Hornet’s Nest," afeature documentary set in Afghanistan and sponsored by University of Oklahoma Outreach, will unveil a tribute VIP screening in Washington, D.C. at the GI Film Festival on Saturday, May 11. OU Outreach is also sponsoring screenings in Dallas, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles and San Diego.

The film follows OU professor Mike Boettcher and his son Carlos as they try to reconnect under the most harrowing of circumstances. Boettcher and his son embedded with the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles “No Slack Battalion” in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan as the troops engaged hundreds of Taliban in Strong Eagle III. The film follows Mike and Carlos as they try to reconnect as father and son, while providing unparalleled access to the front lines, showcasing some of America’s most advanced fighting units.

Mike Boettcher is a Peabody and Emmy Award-winning conflict journalist, who has worked in nearly every facet of broadcast journalism. Boettcher has lectured numerous times around the world and has most recently taught via satellite to OU’s War and Media class in the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication.

“‘The Hornet’s Nest’ is a riveting, powerful film that every American should see,” said James Pappas, vice president for Outreach and dean of the College of Liberal Studies at OU. “It presents the conflict in Afghanistan not from a political or partisan perspective but in terms of a deeply personal story. As an active participant in military education for more than 50 years, University of Oklahoma Outreach is proud to be a presenting partner for Mike Boettcher’s important feature documentary.”

The film is already receiving critical acclaim from high-ranking military and government officials as well as from servicemen and women through privately held screenings for the families of the troops featured in the film.

Col. J.B. Vowell, a career infantry officer and commanding officer of the Task Force No Slack in the 101st Airborne Division commented, “This film is and will be a phenomenal picture for a wide audience across the country. It is dramatic, unscripted, visceral and real. Nothing I have ever seen comes close. People in the general public who have so far been deprived of knowing and understanding what is happening in Afghanistan will be awed. It achieves what no screenplay can: place you in the most harrowing combat scenes against a hostile enemy in the most complex terrain imaginable where buddies fight for each other’s survival and mission accomplishment.”

“We are both proud and honored to host the first ever public viewing of ‘The Hornet’s Nest’,” said GI Film Festival co-founder and President Brandon Millett. “This film provides the most intense and visceral experiences of combat ever captured on film, and it will leave our audience both breathless and inspired.”

The film was directed and produced by Christian Tureaud and David Salzberg through their HighRoad Media banner in association with BASE Productions, Inc.

For more information on The Hornet’s Nest movie or to view the trailer, visit the website.