Smarter Parking Feature Available for PACS Students Visiting Campus

OU parking app

PACS students visiting campus can now take advantage of a new Parking Services feature, the free OU Innovate app that shows users available parking spots in Norman campus parking lots.

The app’s key feature, called Smarter Parking, allows users to see the number of spots available in monitored parking lots across campus. Currently, 14 campus parking lots are equipped with sensors at entrances and exits to keep track of the availability of parking spaces.

Upon locating the Smarter Parking feature, Google Maps places pins on the monitored OU parking lots. The pins on each lot are color-coded to show each lot’s parking availability. Green indicates an open lot, yellow indicates a lot that is filling up and red indicates a lot that is full.

Students also have the ability to choose their favorite parking lots, making them appear on the app’s home screen when they log in. The app continuously refreshes during school hours and gives the specific number of spots left in all 14 lots with sensors.

Students can sign in to the OU Innovate app using their 4×4 logins. Current parking permits are required for the lots mentioned, and more information about obtaining permits can be found by visiting

The OU Innovate app is available for both Android and iPhone.

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