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Safety at OU for CESL Students

  • Nov. 14, 2016, 4:21 p.m.

Safe on the OU campus

The recent presidential election has left many CESL students unsettled. Please be assured that as members of the University of Oklahoma community, you are in a safe place, and our support of you is steadfast.

You represent all that is good about our university. President Boren’s efforts to invite you here and the rich diversity that you bring to our campus have not changed because of the election. If you have any fears or experience any bad behavior from other university students or the Norman community, you can seek help from the following people:

  • your instructors
  • Student Support Advisor Mrs. Haley Vickers
  • Assistant Director Cory Northern (Boomer Building rm. 107)
  • Director Donna Alexander (Boomer Building, Rm. 108)

Always call the police first, if an incident occurs involving you or something you want to report on another person’s behalf. Please also call the CESL emergency line if you need support, but in an emergency, call the police first, especially if your safety is in question.

Police emergency: 911

OU Police emergency:  405-325-1911                             

OU Police non-emergency: 405-325-2864

CESL Emergency Line:      405-795-3269

In light of incidents on other campuses and to further enhance responsiveness, the University of Oklahoma has established a 24-hour Reporting Hotline.  The hotline will serve as an added protection for OU students, handling reports of bias, discrimination, physical or mental harassment or misconduct by OU community members.  The 24-hour Reporting Hotline can be accessed by calling 844-428-6531 or going online to www.ou.ethicspoint.com

You can also call the hotline number to report an incident, but please call the police first if something is happening. This hotline is only to keep track of the things happening on our campus.

Please make smart decisions and stay aware of your surroundings. We want everyone to feel safe and to feel welcome on our campus and in our community.