Recruiter Kasey Moore Returns from Active Duty

Kasey Moore in Kosovo

As a military and law enforcement recruiting specialist, Kasey Moore spends a lot of his time traveling all over the country talking to potential OU College of Professional and Continuing Studies (PACS) students. His passion for the university is evident when he’s answering their questions, telling them about the unique opportunities PACS offers and helping them navigate through the application process.

But it’s Moore’s other career as a military intelligence officer with the Oklahoma Army National Guard that gives him a distinct advantage when it comes to winning over students who serve.

Moore recently returned to campus after a yearlong deployment to Kosovo, where he served as officer in charge of the Counter-Intelligence, Human Intelligence, Analysis and Requirements Cell (CHARC). While there, Moore helped analyze reports brought in from human intelligence collectors who visited with community leaders and the general public to find out what issues impacted the country’s stability.

“Kosovo is a NATO mission, so we worked with many other countries in our efforts in Kosovo,” Moore said. “I was pretty excited. It was my first deployment. A part of you says you’re not really a guard member until you’ve been deployed.”

Moore, 30, is a native of Medicine Park, OK. He moved to Norman in 2005 to attend OU, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in criminology.

“I visited OU on a tour in the sixth grade,” Moore said. “From that point, I knew I wanted to come to OU.”

"I think the National Guard has shaped me into a leader, and I think that helps me in everything that I do."

Moore joined the National Guard in 2009. He was commissioned as an officer when he graduated from OU’s Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) in 2012 and was promoted to captain while serving in Kosovo.

“I wanted to serve my country. I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself,” he said. “I was almost complete with school when I joined the Guard, but the education benefits certainly helped in my decision.”

Currently, Moore is in the PACS criminal justice graduate program. He continued taking graduate courses both semesters he was deployed, experiencing first-hand PACS’ commitment to supporting the educational needs of military, Homeland Security and law enforcement affiliated students.

“Our instructors are always willing to work with deployed students and make sure all of their needs are met,” Moore said.

Although work and school kept Moore busy, he did get to have a little fun while he was in Europe.

“I was able to visit Croatia, Germany and Greece,” he said. “I went scuba diving for the first time, and I got to see the Parthenon.”

While Moore missed many of the comforts of home during his deployment—Rudy’s barbecue, holidays with family and OU football, to name a few—there are a few things he wishes he could have brought back home with him.

“The thing I miss most about being deployed is the cafeteria and laundry service,” said Moore. “Now I have to make my own dinner and do my own laundry.”

Moore said he loves both of his careers, and his military experience definitely helps him in his recruiting duties.

“I think the National Guard has shaped me into a leader, and I think that helps me in everything that I do,” he said. “ROTC at OU and various leadership courses through the National Guard have helped me become independent, focused and able to make decisions quickly.”

Although being uniquely qualified is an asset, Moore said the university’s reputation makes his job easy.

“I absolutely love my job,” he said. “OU is a really easy sell once people are aware of it. It comes with the legitimacy of a college like OU—a credible, brick and mortar institution with a long history. We have something to offer students other colleges can’t. The biggest kicker is its affordability.”

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