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Precollegiate Programs to Hold Model United Nations Conference

Precollegiate Programs at the University of Oklahoma is holding its 56th annual Model United Nations of the Southwest (MUNSW) conference for high school students on April 2-4. 

“Firsthand experience at programs like Model UN are what make students feel excited and ready for college,” said Cassie Eads, Program Director of Precollegiate Programs. “Students are challenged to research and accurately portray their countries, leading them to think critically and become better informed global citizens.”

MUNSW provides high school students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to experience the workings of the United Nations and to gain firsthand knowledge of international politics by acting as delegates from their assigned country and debating resolutions that address various political, cultural and humanitarian issues.

Precollegiate Programs is committed to enhancing the academic lives of K-12 students through programs offered on a collegiate campus. The academic programs present students with unique learning experiences that help prepare them to become future college students. By offering programs on the University of Oklahoma’s Norman campus, every student has the opportunity to see and experience what college life is like.

The MUNSW Conference, which is $95 per delegate, will take place in the OCCE Forum building on the University of Oklahoma’s Norman campus. For more information, email precollegiateprograms@ou.edu or visit their website.

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Ashley Brand

Ashley Brand worked as a writer and editor for the college.