PACS Welcomes Paul Dyer to Full-time Faculty

PACS Welcomes Paul Dyer to Full-time Faculty

Paul Dyer joined the full-time faculty of PACS in March 2016. As an organizational psychologist who specializes in improving individual, team and organizational performance, Dyer brings expertise in a variety of business processes that make him an exceptional addition to our Administrative Leadership program.

About Dr. Paul Dyer

Dyer is the lead faculty member for the Administrative Leadership program. His plans include redesigning and supplementing the program curriculum to ensure that PACS 1) focuses on the essential topics related to leadership and organizational effectiveness by providing students with a comprehensive and well-rounded education, 2) prepares students by increasing their organizational leadership capacity, and 3) enhances students’ career opportunities by providing them with the relevance and practical application of the knowledge and skills taught in the program to a variety of organizational settings.

During his career, Dyer has served as an internal and external business consultant and executive coach with hundreds of individuals and a number of organizations such as the Dow Chemical Company, Maytag Corporation, M&M Mars, Hilton, Devon Energy and Scholastic Book Fairs. In addition, he has taught organizational behavior and psychology courses at Rollins College.

Dyer’s areas of expertise include organizational and leadership development, career development, talent management, leadership and organizational assessment and building organizational cultures that support business strategy. He became interested in leadership theory after conducting hundreds of leadership workshops with thousands of managers and executives, an experience that well serves his faculty position with PACS.

“For any applied organizational psychologist like me, leadership represents a fascinating field of study,” he said. “Leadership relates to team effectiveness and cultural development, organizational effectiveness, job satisfaction, strategy formulation, change management and leadership. In other words, leadership affects every aspect of the human side of the enterprise. How could I not become fascinated by the topic?”

Dyer got his start in business at the age of 25. He spent his childhood in a family business before starting his own oil and gas-related company after college. Today, Dyer is a talented group facilitator, keynote speaker and the creator of four innovative leadership development programs, including the Program for Effective LeadershipSM and Foundations for Effective Leadership©. He has written two career books, including The Ultimate Job Search Survival Guide and Sacred Path, Joyful Journey.

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