OU Outreach Helped Tamara Sutteer Reach New Opportunities

  • June 11, 2013, 2:25 p.m.

A few years ago, Tamara Sutteer was an OU site director at Fort Sill, OK, where she oversaw a student body made up of active-duty soldiers and civilians. She decided to go back to college. Her goal: to get a second master’s degree to better serve her students.

It helped me to better understand their needs,” Sutteer said, “both educational and service-related needs. This helped me be a much better site director.”

Since then, she has been promoted to program director of engineering and geosciences continuing education programs. She is excited about the new things she is working on through her promotion and credits her second graduate degree for making that possible.

“There’s a lot of definite promise and potential with my new position,” she acknowledged. “I’m positive that my new position and the opportunity that awaited me would not have been possible without obtaining my graduate degree from OU.”

She encourages every individual in the military to think about pursuing a degree through OU Outreach. The benefits are great, and the cost is affordable.

Sutteer noted, “Definitely make the commitment and arrangements to go for an advanced degree, specifically because of the options that exist through Chapter 33 of the GI Bill. Make use of your benefits—you earned them. And a degree from OU does make a big difference.”