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OU Extended Campus Staff Named to OU Leadership Council

Instructor on the OU campus

Three staff members from OU Extended Campus have been selected to serve on the 2018-2019 OU Leadership Council—Jennifer Mayes, Danielle McKenzie and Will Jacobs.

OU Leadership Council is an annual leadership development program designed to engage high-performing, high-potential, mid-level or director-level university leaders on the Norman campus. Individuals chosen for the Leadership Council currently maintain a high level of responsibility for University programs and people, show a strong commitment to their own professional development and are personally motivated to improve their teams.

Jennifer Mayes
Jennifer Mayes

During the eight-month program, Will, Danielle and Jennifer will enhance their leadership skills by forming close relationships with other campus leaders, volunteering in the community and experiencing a level of self-improvement that will prepare them to meet new challenges as campus leaders. 

"During my time as part of the council, I hope to learn more about my own leadership style and how it affects those around me," said Jennifer Mayes, coordinator of partnerships and program development for OU Extended Campus. "I want to identify my areas for growth and continue to fine-tune my strengths.

"I also hope to take away new connections and friendships, as well as a fresh take on leadership. It will be great to have a group of colleagues on campus that I share a common bond with, and we will be able to turn to each other for advice, inspiration and encouragement."

Danielle McKenzie
Danielle McKenzie

Danielle McKenzie, assistant director of the OU Extended Campus Home Office for OU North America and Europe, said she is excited for the opportunity to represent OU Extended Campus as part of the council. 

"Being accepted to OU Leadership Council is an honor," she said. "The caliber of other attendees is phenomenal. I hope to establish relationships that will benefit the college and university. Often, we fall into the routine of our areas and forget that there are several resources and people available across campus.

"Personally, I hope to see a clearer picture of my leadership and continue to polish my strong points and work on my weaknesses in a safe and collaborative environment."

Will Jacobs, registrar and director of Admissions, Registration, Records and VA Operations (R&R) for OU Extended Campus and OU Outreach, said he is humbled by the opportunity to further develop his leadership skills. 

Will Jacobs
Will Jacobs

"My selection affords me the unique opportunity to continue my professional and personal growth with a cohort of like-minded individuals," he said. "In having a 5-year-old son, this experience will also serve in enhancing my skills as a parent—which, in my opinion, is always nice to have in one’s toolbelt."

Will is also looking forward to learning more about his personal leadership style, so he can be more effective as a leader and team member.

"My hope is that I can continue to refine my leadership skills and form new campus peer relationships while strengthening my current ones," he said.

To learn more about OU Leadership Council, visit the Learning & Development page of the OU Human Resources website. The application deadline for the 2019-2020 Leadership Council will be announced in May 2019.


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