OLLI Member Spotlight - Leslie Hobson

OLLI Member Spotlight - Leslie Hobson

OLLI at OU’s members come from all walks of life. But one thing remains the same for all members: a constantly curious mind. From history and politics to film and art, Leslie Hobson enjoys all subjects and is one of the exceptional students who make up the OLLI at OU program.

Leslie Hobson OLLI memberLeslie Hobson took her first OLLI course nearly six years ago, “The first class I took as an OLLI member was with Ken Johnson in May 2010, 'Catastrophic Events in the History of the Earth,'” she said. Since that first class she has participated in dozens of other OLLI courses.

Leslie loves that we have expanded the OLLI at OU program to the OU’s Health Sciences Center in OKC, making it a much easier commute for her and most of her classmates. But it’s about more than just convenience; they also enjoy quality classes, OU instructors, comfortable chairs and the added amenities like easily accessible coffee and water.

“Connecting to the Health Science Center complex is another plus since so much is happening in the health field and there are many valuable teachers and projects there that can bring new information to OLLI sessions,” Leslie said.

While the subject matter provides the backdrop for much of the learning in the OLLI program, the wide array of topics offered and the connections created and facilitated through the classes excite and engage the participants.

“I really enjoy discussion by class members who may have expertise in the subject. Many members are new to me and have experiences different from my own, so their opinions definitely add to the class,” Leslie said.

OLLI classes are just the beginning. Students often find it’s how one applies what one learns in class that expands horizons long after each session’s end.

“I have enjoyed and learned something new in every class,” she said. “I’m weird that way. After Ken's class on glaciers, I traveled to Alaska and saw the real thing. Ken’s class really enhanced that experience for me.”

Indeed, this is what OLLI at OU is all about: creating environments for hungry minds through well thought-out courses and guided discussions. Where will OLLI at OU take you on your lifelong learning journey?

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