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We’re pleased to announce that the Master of Arts in Administrative Leadership now offers three focused areas of study that will allow students to customize a degree plan to fit their needs. These new options will allow students to develop critical leadership skills like strategic thinking and team building, while also providing them with tools they can use in their chosen careers.

Beginning in spring 2017, Administrative Leadership students will be able to choose one of three “tracks,” each consisting of courses in organizational leadership, volunteer and nonprofit leadership, or government and military leadership. Each track is designed to offer specialized, in-depth knowledge in a specific career area.

To choose a track, Administrative Leadership students will supplement their core classes—which will remain standard no matter the degree track—with electives from one of the three tracks.

Administrative Leadership Core Courses

These courses are required for ALL Administrative Leadership degrees.

  • LSTD 5003 Intro to Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies (3 hours)
  • LSTD 5013 Interdisciplinary Foundation (3 hours)
  • LSAL 5113 Theories of Management and Leadership (3 hours)
  • LSTD 5043 Research Methods in Interdisciplinary Studies OR LSTD 5083 Qualitative Research Methods (3 hours)
  • LSAL 5133 Cultures of Organizations (3 hours)
  • LSAL 5193 Creating, Leading, and Managing Change (3 hours)

Administrative Leadership Elective Courses

Elective course requirements vary depending on chosen track.

Organizational Leadership Track: 

  • LSAL 5223 Financial Leadership (3 hours)
  • LSAL 5283 Building High Performance Teams (3 hours)
  • LSAL Elective (3 hours)

Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership Track: 

  • LSAL 5323 Fundraising and Budgeting (3 hours)
  • LSAL 5353 Nonprofit Governance (3 hours)
  • LSAL Elective (3 hours)

Government & Military Leadership Track:

  • LSAL 5404 Leadership in History (3 hours)
  • LSAL 5463 Military Leadership (3 hours)
  • LSAL Elective (3 hours)

New MAAL students will automatically be enrolled in the new degree format, but current MAAL students who are interested in making the switch should first contact their advisor. Depending on how far you have progressed through your required electives, changing formats could mean taking on additional coursework. Your advisor will work with you to determine if pursuing a track is right for your individual plan.

Visit our website for more information about the new Master of Arts in Administrative Leadership degree format, or contact your advisor to see if a track might be right for you.

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