Kendra Norman - On the Job and in the Courtroom

Kendra Norman - On the Job and in the Courtroom

Law clerk Kendra Norman of Yukon, Oklahoma, has found success as an OU employee and as a law student throughout the past year.

Norman began her career at Outreach in May with Contract Administration at the conclusion of her first year of law school. According to Julie Tate, director of Contract Administration, the clerkship is offered for law students entering their second year and provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable job experience. Through her time at Outreach, Kendra has learned the importance of customer service, negotiation and careful review.

“These skills I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else,” said Norman. “The office location was so convenient, and being able to devote an entire year to learning the process of contract review has been such an educational experience. It’s really worked out well for me and I’ve really enjoyed it.” Norman feels her future career has been shaped by her experience at Outreach, and she plans to pursue transactional law as a result. “I’ve learned to approach everything with a customer service-focus, and I know this will serve me well in the future.”

Outside of Outreach, Kendra has taken these skills and applied them to her legal education. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Letters with a concentration in Constitutional Studies from OU, Norman continued her education at the university’s College of Law.

Norman recently competed in and won a moot court competition with a small team from OU Law at Widener Law School in Delaware. OU Law has had previous teams earn spots in the “Elite 8” of the prestigious Ruby R. Vale Interschool Corporate Law Moot Court Competition, but Norman’s team is the first to win outright.

Norman began competing in moot court competitions as a first-year law student as part of a class assignment. She enjoyed the activity and eventually signed up for a traveling team the following fall. In January, Norman and her team were given three weeks to write a legal brief regarding a scenario in corporate law. After weeks of practice, the team flew to Delaware to compete in the competition. The team easily traversed through the first three preliminaries, and eventually the team testified in front of justices from the Supreme Court of Delaware. The team went undefeated throughout the competition.

“When I first started law school, I was terrified of speaking in front of people,” Norman said. “It’s so scary, speaking in front of court rooms full of people and Supreme Court Justices. But the more you do it, the easier it gets. It’s not scary anymore, and I know I can advocate on behalf of a client easily now, and I have the skills to do that.”

Norman will be leaving Outreach in May at the conclusion of her second year and will be pursuing internships in two law firms this summer.  

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