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Instructor Publishes Book on American National Security Policy

Fishel's book on American national security policy

John D. Fishel, LTC USA (Ret.) and Professor Emeritus from the National Defense University, recently authored a textbook that was released by Rowman & Littlefield this spring. In American National Security Policy, Fishel sets out to explain the process of security policy-making in the United States by looking at all the elements that shape it, from institutions and legislation to policymakers themselves.

Security policy is of great significance not only to domestic policy in the United States but also to foreign relations and global security. Weaving together both the theory and the process, Fishel’s book takes a matter-of-fact look at the topic by addressing the way policy makers view the world, how legislative authorities impact their work, and how something of this magnitude is implemented from administration to administration.

The book has already received rave reviews since its release in March.

American National Security Policy should be read by anyone wanting to be a United States national security professional, by anyone who wants to understand how United States national security policy is formulated, and especially by public policy faculty charged with teaching future national security practitioners,” said David Last of Royal Military College of Canada. “…This is a realistic book about U.S. security policy and a superb starting point for a course on security policy for leaders or students in any country that deals with America—and that’s most of the world.”

Fishel says the inspiration for the book came from his National Security Leadership course offered through the College of Professional and Continuing Studies among other versions of the course at OU. Students interested in taking the course should contact their advisor about enrolling. The book itself is available direct from the publisher or on Amazon.com.

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