CLS Grad Accepts Position in Quality of Life Service

CLS Grad Accepts Position in Quality of Life Service

College of Liberal Studies graduate Sarah Pagliasotti recently accepted a position as the Human Resources Manager for the Sodexo Education Division with Norman Public Schools. In this new role, she performs HR duties including recruitment, onboarding, employee relations, employee recognition and several additional initiatives for custodial and food service employees at the 24 NPS locations.

“I truly enjoy almost every aspect of my position with Sodexo,” she said. “The employee interaction is wonderful and the opportunity to be a part of such a growing company is exciting. This position is the exact reason I wanted to go back to school to finish my degree.”

Pagliasotti’s move to quality of life service was made possible by hard work and personal dedication during her time at CLS. After three years with Texas Workforce, Pagliasotti had decided that it was time for a change.

“My mom was always that little voice in my ear reminding me that a degree was invaluable,” she said. “More than just a credential, she believed that a degree was the best thing someone could do for their self esteem. She made me understand that getting a degree was about the experiences I would have during the journey and about all of the information that would enrich my thought processes for the rest of my life. She was so right.”

Sodexo is the 18th largest employer worldwide and operates in 80 countries to provide quality of life services to more than 75 million consumers around the globe. Sodexo’s mission is to improve the quality of life of all the people it serves and contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of the cities, regions and countries where it operates.

Update: The College of Liberal Studies was renamed the College of Professional and Continuing Studies in 2017.

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