Forum Hosts Hundreds for Air Force Academy Event

  • Sept. 23, 2010, 4:38 p.m.

Forum Hosts Hundreds for Air Force Academy Event

On Saturday, October 18th the Thurman J. White Forum Building swirled with activity as they hosted the Air Force Academy during a recruiting event targeting hundreds of high schools students and their parents. 

The potential future second lieutenants came from communities not only in Oklahoma but from many surrounding states as well. The Academy is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado and is home annually to approximately 6,000 cadets from around the world. 

In a fast moving two hour seminar the young people and their parents heard from not only current Academy cadets but also a number of active duty officers ranging from ‘brown bars’ to four star General Duncan McNabb, Commander of the Air Force Transportation Command headquartered at Scott AFB, Illinois. They also enjoyed the remarks of pilots, navigators, executive officers, and even the Superintendent of the Air Force Academy Lt Gen Michael Gould and his wife Laura who is a retired Air Force full colonel and pilot. 

The young students were briefed not only about the physical, mental and scholarly rigors that come with enrollment at the Academy but also the opportunities for a superb education, worldwide travel and training, and a unique chance to serve their country in a very important and meaningful way. It’s too early to tell how many of these outstanding young people and students will end up wearing the Air Force Blue but if enthusiasm, attention and inquisitive questions are good indicators of their future plans the Academy is surely happy with its visit to our campus.