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Faculty Spotlight – Tanesha Morgan

Faculty Spotlight – Tanesha Morgan

Tanesha Morgan, Ph.D., is our faculty member honoree for the first quarter of 2022. We recently visited with her about her background, experience and impact as an instructor.

Tanesha MorganHow long have you worked for PACS?

I have worked for PACS for one year.

Tell us a little more about your education, professional background and experience, including what you do outside of teaching for PACS.

Academically, I earned a Ph.D. in Public Policy, an MBA, an M.S. in Health Administration, and a B.S. in Finance. Professionally, I have worked in the finance industry for more than 20 years. For eight years, I worked for LSU’s Health Care Services Division. Six of those years, I served as the budget director for the hospital system, where I was responsible for a billion-dollar budget. Currently, I am the health care finance policy expert for the Louisiana state legislature. In this role, I am responsible for estimating the fiscal and economic impact of health care legislation and administrative rules, testifying to legislative health care committees regarding those impacts, and providing legislators with guidance on how to draft or amend health care bills to reduce the fiscal cost.

What is your favorite thing about being an instructor at OU?

To me, the reward of teaching for OU comes from the personal fulfillment I obtain by inspiring others to learn and think. When I read my evaluations, I always smile when a student concludes with "thank you." Thank you is usually preceded by "this course was hard" or "this teacher was tough." However, these comments let me know that I have challenged my students and that they have learned.

What is your best teaching tip for other instructors?

Show empathy. Ultimately, as a person who is being tasked with preparing tomorrow's leaders, my best tip is show empathy and to be mindful of the unforeseen and lasting impact your actions and words can have on your students.

What is your favorite course to teach?

LSAL 3223, Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Is there a student or class that has influenced or made an impact on your life in any way?

Yes, my program chair called to let me know that a student in my class unexpectedly lost her husband and found out that she was pregnant. My chair asked me to be patient with the student and work with her as needed to complete the class. However, the student never asked for any special consideration, exceptions or extensions. She also never reached out to me to explain her circumstances. She finished the class on time with a final grade of an A. After the student completed her degree, she sent me a short note to tell me that she enjoyed my class, learned practical lessons and decided to continue to graduate school. She asked if I would write her a letter of recommendation, still never mentioning the tragedy she faced.

Her perseverance and determination to continue her education despite experiencing tragic circumstances impacted me and how I view my students. Not all students can triumph through such circumstances. I am unsure if she had a village to help her make it through. But I know that some students have no village. So, if I can play a small role in helping students succeed, I try my best to do so. I can be their village, even if it is only for the several weeks in my class. This situation only solidified my stance on why it is important to be empathic to my students.

What advice do you have for adult students returning to school?

Please don’t wait until two hours before an assignment is due to begin working on it. Begin working on your assignments far in advance of the due date. This way, if you have questions, you have time to ask your instructor and receive additional guidance.

Each quarter, the College of Professional and Continuing Studies recognizes a faculty member for their course expertise and contributions to an exceptional student experience. 

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