Degree Names Changed to Improve Career Prospects for Students

Degree Names Changed to Improve Career Prospects for Students

The OU Extended Campus College of Professional and Continuing Studies has changed the names of a pair of undergraduate degrees to better exemplify the nature of the programs and increase the career opportunities for students.

The former Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies is now known as a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Integrative Studies (BAIS), while the Bachelor of Arts in Administrative Leadership is now a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Organizational Leadership (BAOL).

The names of these degree programs were changed as a result of student and employer feedback. The new names will better reflect the mission of each program and help potential employers understand that students holding a BAIS or BAOL degree possess the interdisciplinary background and highly valued skills they look for in their employees.

The change will go into effect for all students joining either program beginning in the Fall 2019 semester. Students who have already begun their coursework in these programs have the option to continue their studies under the previous names or update their major to the new name.

Students with questions about the name changes can speak to their OU Extended Campus advisor.

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