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D2L to Canvas Conversion

Canvas learning management system

The University of Oklahoma is adopting Canvas as our new learning management system (LMS), which will eventually replace Desire2Learn (D2L). We are very excited about this transition and believe it will allow us to elevate the quality of our online courses to new heights. We will be communicating with you over the coming weeks and months about how you can prepare for this transition, and more information will be added to our website as it becomes available.

Canvas Advantages

  • Designed with the end-user in mind, namely our students and faculty.
  • A clean, intuitive interface that is easy to learn and navigate in comparison to D2L
  • Better third-party application integration than D2L, which will allow PACS faculty and instructional designers to utilize new teaching tools in the virtual classroom.
  • Robust mobile apps for iOS and Android that give students and faculty 24/7 access to the learning platform wherever in the world they are located
  • Allows end-users to create and manage push notifications for mobile devices and email addresses that will alert them to new course announcements, calendar updates, discussion replies, grade submission, etc

Conversion Timeline

PACS will begin piloting Canvas in Fall 2016 with the courses provided below.  If you choose to enroll in one or more of these courses, you may be taking classes in both D2L and Canvas during the fall semester.

All PACS courses will be offered in Canvas starting in the Spring 2017 semester.


PACS is currently developing Canvas training modules for both students and faculty. These modules will be available in mid-July for students taking Fall 2016 Canvas courses. The Canvas training modules will be available for all PACS students beginning in October. In the meantime, feel free to access the user guides created by Canvas, read through the University’s Canvas information website, visit the OU IT Canvas Help Desk or access Canvas directly.

Contact Us

Our goal is to make the transition to Canvas as easy and user-friendly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about the transition to Canvas, please feel free to contact your academic advisor or respond to one of our future email messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my courses be moved to Canvas?

PACS will begin piloting Canvas courses in Fall 2016. All courses will be transferred by the beginning of the Spring 2017 semester.

How do I log into Canvas?

This is the current address for logging into Canvas. – https://oklahoma.instructure.com/. Until you have courses loaded into the system, it is going to look and feel a little bare.

Will my login change?

No, you will still login with your OU 4×4 credentials.

Why is the University moving to Canvas?

As technology changes quickly, we’re constantly evaluating industry systems to determine the best options for our students. After careful analysis, it was determined the Canvas Learning Management System best fits our current students’ needs.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please contact your academic advisor with any questions you have. – PACS Academic Advisors

Will there be student training available?

Visit the University’s Canvas information website, the OU IT Canvas Help Page or feel free to browse the Canvas’s User Guide website.

However, PACS is currently developing its own specific training modules for utilizing Canvas. This training will demonstrate how we plan to build courses in the system and provide information and recommendations about user settings, navigation, assignment submission and communication.

PACS students and faculty will be required to complete this training as part of the transition process from D2L to Canvas.

We will be communicating further once the training modules have been built, but our current plan is to open training in mid-July for students and faculty participating in the Fall 2016 pilot courses, and to open training for all remaining PACS students and faculty in October.

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