Class Highlight - Women and Crime

Class Highlight - Women and Crime

What class?

LSCJ 5353 – Women and Crime

Why is it cool?

Currently, Oklahoma incarcerates more females per capita than any other state in the U.S. Women and Crime investigates how women uniquely fit into society’s understanding of crime and deviance, using a sociological perspective to discuss crime in the U.S. from a gendered lens. 

Students will learn theoretical explanations of women’s offending, women as victims of crime, unique issues of women offenders, women as workers in the criminal justice system and societal responses to female crime.

Women and Crime also contains a purposeful action component, requiring students to not only think about concepts, but to create an intervention, incarceration or a re-entry program for incarcerated or formerly incarcerated females.

Students who take this course will not only understand the scope and consequences of female offending and victimization, but they will be armed with solutions to best address real-world problems in current intervention, incarceration and re-entry programs.

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Kayley Gillespie

Kayley Gillespie is a contributing writer for the College of Professional and Continuing Studies. She has contributed to Insight Magazine and a leadership anthology published in 2016. She received her master's degree in human relations in 2015.