Class Highlight - What in the World are the Social Sciences?

Class Highlight - What in the World are the Social Sciences?

What class?

LSTD 1313 - What in the World are the Social Sciences?

Why is it cool?

Where else can you write about Indiana Jones, human experimentation and the effects of technology for course credit? The social sciences are comprised of many interesting topics, many of which can be studied in depth in this incredible class from PACS. The goal of What in the World are the Social Sciences? is to discuss these subjects and how we perform research in the different areas, including addressing ethical questions—and it uses some very interesting examples to do it.

“This class is cool because of the subject matter,” said Jeff Roby, an instructor for the course. “The students are writing essays involving Indiana Jones, ethical issues over human experimentation and favorite countries, among others. Also, the group discussions tackle relevant issues such as the positive or negative effects from technology, today’s politicians and describing the current culture to someone 100 years ago. Very cool topics!”

During the course, students learn the disciplines of the social sciences and the different subject matter each discipline examines. They also become familiar with how the social sciences have evolved and the differences between social and natural sciences.

“The byproduct of that is examining the role of scientific analysis in the social sciences world,” said Roby. “I also hope students learn to examine and analyze opposing perspectives and social issues from multidisciplinary studies.”

Roby explained that one of the most important aspects of the course is its relevance to students’ daily lives.

“Students can use the information and strategies learned in the course to apply to his or her own life and objectives,” he said. “Whether they obtain a little nugget from psychology, sociology or even archaeology and apply it to their personal or work life, that’s what it’s all about! Transforming lives.” 

Talk to your advisor to see if this class might be right for you, or see what else is offered by the College of Professional and Continuing Studies.

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