Class Highlight - Weather and Climate

Class Highlight - Weather and Climate

What class?

LSTD 4563 – Weather and Climate

Why is it cool?

Today, weather and climate are big topics of discussion within politics, religious organizations, academics and in personal conversations. For some, R.E.M.’s It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) could easily be the soundtrack to this issue. Academics, however, remain the rational constant, working to contextualize and understand the relationship between weather and climate. With just a little working knowledge of algebra, you also can gain deeper insight into this science through the College of Professional and Continuing Studies Weather and Climateclass.

Weather and Climate introduces students to energy balance, temperature, atmospheric moisture, cloud formation, static stability, precipitation mechanisms, winds, mid-latitude and severe storms, weather forecasting and climate. The course was specifically developed for non-scientists with minimal mathematic applications, so anyone can jump in and start learning about the weather. All course materials discuss what weather phenomena are and why they occur.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to describe the effect the atmosphere has on the Earth and on humans. You’ll also be able to discuss the processes of energy balance and energy transfer; the interplay of humidity, precipitation and clouds; the differing types of motion that occurs within the atmosphere; the different types of climates; and the formation and characteristics of super storms. More importantly, you’ll be able to describe how forecasters predict weather and work to ensure public safety, despite severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes.

The Weather and Climate class gives students a qualitative understanding of the physical mechanisms that drive the weather. You’ll walk away from Weather and Climate with deeper awareness and appreciation for the symbiotic relationship between the atmosphere, the planet and humans. Ultimately, Weather and Climate prepares you to make more informed decisions about energy and planetary conservation, as well as safety precautions when severe weather strikes.

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Deah Caldwell

Deah Caldwell worked as a Future Student Services advisor for the College of Professional and Continuing Studies. In 2010, she earned her master’s degree in History from the University of Central Oklahoma. She also contributed to Insight magazine and the Insight blog.