Class Highlight - Theories of Management and Leadership

Theories of Management and Leadership class

What class?

LSAL 5113 – Theories of Management and Leadership

Why is it cool?

A work environment can vary greatly based on its leader. Maybe you’ve worked in a toxic environment, or perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to work somewhere that thrives under its leadership.

What makes one struggle, while the other thrives?

In Theories of Management and Leadership, students will analyze the concepts of leadership, including theory, changing leadership roles, vision and ethics. They’ll learn that although management and leadership are both necessary for an organization to be effective, the two are decidedly different. By studying the most significant issues and challenges related to management and leadership, students will learn what it takes to effectively serve in leadership roles within modern organizations.

Throughout the course, students will discuss major topics and issues that constitute the study of both management and leadership. They’ll practice using planning and organizational skills, as well as learn to evaluate whether managerial or leadership processes predominate a supervisor’s behavior. Students will also analyze how leaders can affect the performance of individuals, teams and organizations.

By the end of the course, students will have developed a personal point of view regarding the definition of management and leadership, and they’ll know which of these two processes aligns more closely with their personality, skills and experiences.

While not everyone will leave the class with the diverse abilities of great leaders like Abraham Lincoln (we can’t all abolish slavery, end the Civil War and save the Republic), students will leave with significant self-awareness and insight that will help them develop the skills necessary for their own personal growth as a leader.

Talk to your advisor to see if this class might be right for you, or see what else is offered by the College of Professional and Continuing Studies.

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