Class Highlight - Theories of Criminal Behavior

Class Highlight - Theories of Criminal Behavior

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Theories of Criminal Behavior

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Crime takes place in every city across the country, but do we really know why?Criminologists are getting closer.

For years, criminology researchers have developed theories about why people commit deviant and criminal acts with varying results. Understanding this difficult, yet fundamental, question plays an important role in the ongoing debate of how best to prevent crime and respond when it happens.

In a rapidly changing world, Theories of Criminal Behavioroffers a clear and concise overview of current thinking in criminology and about the causes of criminal behavior. Throughout the course, students are exposed to a wide variety of contributing factors including biological, sociological and psychological theories of crime. By examining opposing viewpoints on important topics in criminology, students get systematically closer to understanding this phenomenon in human behavior.

Throughout the course, students are asked to critically examine and critique the current research on crime causation, describe the major sources of crime statistics, and become extremely familiar with the major types of crimes. Students leave Theories of Criminal Behavior with a more complete knowledge of the need for, the efforts of and the application of social policies related to crime.

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