Class Highlight - Strategies for Success

Class Highlight - Strategies for Success

What class?

LSTD 2700 – Strategies for Success

Why is it cool?

The beginning of a semester can be a whirlwind for PACS students. You’re juggling life, family, and job responsibilities, and all while hoping your classes will be worth the extra time and effort.

Many classes promise to help you achieve greater success in college, in your profession and in your life. Strategies for Success delivers on all three. More than a “best practices” skills study course, this class is designed to give you the tools you need to create your own success. Proven strategies for success and empowerment are a key focus of the course material, and you will be encouraged to explore them in depth and adapt them for your own purposes.

You will learn how to apply these strategies for success to achieve your own goals and aspirations by keeping a guided journal. Throughout the class, you will explore self-defeating patterns of thoughts and behaviors, learning styles, emotional intelligence and time management. One of the most exciting benefits of this course is when students discover a powerful truth—feelings of inadequacy and inferiority are things everyone goes through. But the way these emotions are handled is more important in determining who succeeds and who fails. Once you realize this, you are ready to use the tools needed to overcome obstacles and create extraordinary success!

That crucial epiphany of self-discovery is the part instructor LaDawn Jones enjoys most. “A student sent me a note last semester that said ‘I would like to thank you for teaching this class. I thought this was going to just be another boring elective. This class was fun, exciting and helped me discover a lot about myself. I will be sure to keep all assignments on file to look back on when I’m feeling lost on my journey through life!’ This is exactly what I hope all of my students get from this course. I have always wanted to help people gather the tools they need to be successful!”

“Successful people generally make wiser decisions than less successful people,” LaDawn explained further. “The skills and tools you gain in Strategies for Success will help you have a creator mindset, make wise decisions and change your inner critic into an inner cheerleader.”

Strategies for Successis one of the courses chosen to pilot Canvas, the new learning management system for PACS courses. Taking this class will allow students to test drive the new design before all of their courses are transferred into their new formats.

“I am looking forward to the opportunity for students to collaborate more smoothly in Canvas,” LaDawn said about the new changes. “There are a lot of new features that will make the course more interactive and fun for both the students and instructors.”

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