Class Highlight - National Security Leadership

Class Highlight - National Security Leadership

What class?

LSAL 5483 - National Security Leadership

Why is it cool?

National security is the heart of what government is required to provide under the Constitution of the United States. Even though it is often quite literally a matter of life and death, most Americans and people of the world have little or no idea of how national security policy is made. This course seeks to remedy that problem. In the end, the people we elect and the people they select are what make a difference in this country.

This isn’t a class designed solely for professional readiness; it also considers what it means to be an informed citizen of the United States. National Security Leadership gives students the ability to participate in national public discourse in an informed manner and provides them with knowledge they’ll use throughout the rest of their lives.

The course is cool for a number of reasons. First, it is a discussion course. It talks about real cases, and the students contribute their real-world experience. This course addresses the legal, institutional and theoretical parameters in which leaders make policy. And one of the best parts of the course is what the students put into it, themselves. The course ends with a crisis simulation in which the members of the class role-play the leaders of the nation as a national security crisis unfolds. 

As you can probably see, this class isn’t just cool—it’s important. It gives students an understanding of what the people who protect them really consider when making decisions that can change the lives in a nation. When it’s over, the students will understand what it means to be a leader even when the very most is at stake. 

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