Class Highlight - Motivation Learning and Leadership

Class Highlight - Motivation Learning and Leadership

What class?

LSAL 3333 – Motivation Learning and Leadership

Why is it cool?

Students attend college to create and expand skill sets, challenge their perspectives and obtain credentials that could one day catapult them to positions of management or leadership. While one’s tenure in academia may present opportunities to serve in leadership positions, few students learn the theories of human motivation as applied to leadership.

Motivation Learning and Leadership is intended to introduce students to several theories of human motivation which can be applied in both learning and leadership settings. Often, we find ourselves in positions where we are required to perform tasks that are not inherently interesting. In these situations, it may be necessary for us to find ways to motivate ourselves and others. In the class, students will learn how broadly leadership principles can be applied to athletics, education, business, the military and politics.

With CEOs of larger-than-life companies such as Starbucks, Facebook and Google making the news by divulging their leadership secrets to success, and with the well-developed leadership niche of Ted Talks including presentations from soldiers and psychologists to athletes and entrepreneurs, it is clear that understanding how to effectively motivate and lead in the 21st century is integral to becoming successful in one’s chosen career field.

Additionally, management across disciplines and fields have revealed that employee motivation is one of the most challenging and important duties, creating an opportunity for management-bound college students to better understand concepts such as intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, self-determination theory, punishment as a motivator, personal investment theory and theories addressing culture and motivation.

Motivation Learning and Leadership is a practical and rewarding course that will prove its value over the course of a student’s career, no matter his or her chosen field. While many components of one’s field may change throughout one’s lifetime, the need to effectively motivate and lead is enduring.

The course was revised earlier this year to provide a stronger foundation of the early motivational theories, along with updated real-world case studies reflecting current motivational and leadership issues.

“I am excited about this course because it allows for an opportunity to not only learn more about how your own self may be motivated, but also provide a greater understanding of what motivates others,” said Jennifer Mayes. “This is an important part of being a leader. A lot of our students are either in supervisory positions or seeking to be in a supervisory position. In addition to that, students will find that these same theories can be applied outside of the workplace as well. It is my belief that this course will allow them to be more successful in their own endeavors and quite possibly help the endeavors of others.”

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