Class Highlight - Leadership in History

Class Highlight - Leadership in History

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Leadership in History

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Leadership is always an extremely popular topic, especially when the discussion is about a particular person’s style of leadership. There have been many opinions put forth recently about differences between being a leader and being in a leadership role. Whether the two facets are mutually exclusive may never be fully decided—however, Edmond Burke’s influential statement falls on both sides of the camp: “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” And everyone can agree that avoiding future mistakes is preferable to repeating a past failure.

Leadership in Historyanalyzes principles of leadership using prominent examples drawn from history to discern patterns and test categories of theoretical generalizations on leadership. Lively discussions are encouraged to create constructive dialogue that is helpful in understanding leadership in different historical contexts.

Students in the class are encouraged to consider success and failure, the relative importance of personality versus circumstances, leadership characteristics and styles. The course examines the entire leadership picture from the historical perspective, giving the students the opportunity to see how various examples of leadership can have a particular outcome.

Students will become familiar with numerous great historical leaders and their contributions to society as well how these legacies have shaped our current world. Modern leaders, and the constraints facing them, will also be examined as students apply leadership theories to real world situations.

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