Class Highlight – Human Trafficking

Class Highlight – Human Trafficking

What class?

LSCJ 4700-201 – Human Trafficking

Why is it cool?

History books tell us that slavery was abolished when the 13th amendment was ratified in 1865. Although this is true, slavery did not end.

Human Trafficking, a modern form of slavery, has emerged as a significant global problem. It’s a $32 billion industry worldwide, second only to drug trafficking. Estimates show there are approximately 45 million people enslaved in the world today.

In the Human Trafficking course, students will study the problem from historical and modern perspectives, both in the United States and in a global context. The course will help students understand the scope of the problem, identify the different forms of trafficking, discuss the factors that allow transitional criminal organizations to flourish and examine the root causes of human trafficking in a globalized world. Students will finish the course by reflecting on what we as citizens, along with the government, can do to combat human trafficking.

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