Class Highlight - Human Groups and Distribution of Resources

Class Highlight - Human Groups and Distribution of Resources

What class?

LSTD 2323 - Human Groups and Distribution of Resources

Why is it cool?

Resources are the backbone of any society. These are the environmental materials that humans use for shelter, food and fuel; they provide a foundation for the very survival of the human race. The distribution of these essential materials is not always equal, however. Humans differ in the amount of income, wealth and power they are given, and these differences grow wider with each technological breakthrough, cultural change and shift in governmental policy introduced to a human group.

Human Groups and Distribution of Resources is cool because it offers an in-depth analysis of the procedures behind everyday life. It critically discusses prejudice, discrimination, gender identity, crime and deviance from the perspective of various social sciences. Students are introduced to several issues concerning the role of culture, inequality, population, the economy and crime, and learn to examine differing positions concerning these topics.

The class begins by examining the distribution of resources at a basic level. Students are taught how the division of society into classes takes place, and examine how race, ethnicity, gender, age and sexuality affect a person’s chances for success. These include educational and employment opportunities, among others. Readings critically examine issues of poverty and race in the contemporary United States before moving toward the impact of technological progress. Students are then asked to apply what they have learned and analyze how key advances like the invention of agriculture, industrialization and urbanization have contributed to the success or detriment of modern society. The students are also encouraged to integrate the material covered in this course with their own experiences and observations, allowing for a more practical approach to the subject material.

At its focus, this class is about society and processes that support it. Students leave this class with a better understanding of the relationship between people – themselves included – and the world of which they are a part.

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