Class Highlight - Homeland/Global Security and Justice

homeland and global security

What class?

Homeland/Global Security & Justice

Why is it cool?

When deadly terrorist attacks occurred on our own soil Sept. 11, 2001, the country became fixed on the security of our nation and the rest of the world. In response, the United States Department of Homeland Security was established in 2002.

While the tragic events of 9/11 forever changed the way our government deals with terrorism and the ongoing problem of securing our nation, protecting our homeland has been a priority since our country’s inception.

Homeland/Global Security and Justice is designed to give students an understanding of terrorism, how America has traditionally dealt with homeland security and how that perspective is evolving. 

This class is cool because students will study the differences between terrorists and ordinary criminals and how terrorist groups are organized. Students will participate in writing assignments and discussions to learn about the relationship between religion and terrorism, as well as the history of terrorism in the United States, Ireland, the Middle East and Latin America. 

Once students have an understanding of terrorism, the focus will shift to law enforcement and how police roles have changed since 9/11.

Ultimately, students will leave with a firm knowledge of terrorism, how the government responds to terrorism and how the courts have taken on the challenge of providing global security while still ensuring justice.

Talk to your advisor to see if this class might be right for you, or see what else is offered by the College of Professional and Continuing Studies.

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