Class Highlight - Global Drug Trafficking

Class Highlight - Global Drug Trafficking

What class?

Global Drug Trafficking

Why is it cool?

The world of drug trafficking has been glamorized in movies like Scarface and American Gangster. However, the sometimes grisly scenes portrayed in these movies are not just fiction. Drugs are a societal problem, and they are rampant in every part of the global economy. Despite a decades-long war on drugs, the world’s financial system and political reality are widely dictated by the drug trade.

Global Drug Trafficking is cool because it delves into the global nature of drug supply and demand. Students will be introduced to the mystery and methods behind well-known drug lords like Pablo Escobar while getting a deeper look into the vast network of the global drug trade.

In the class, students will learn about Columbia, the rise of cocaine and the Medellin Drug Cartel. Students will examine the effect of the Columbian connection for cocaine and the emergence of the Mexican drug cartels, as well as opium connections including the Golden Crescent and Golden Triangle. In light of seeing drug supply as a global problem, the course will examine the more prominent organizations that have been involved historically and contemporarily, including those who call themselves “narco-terrorists.”

Global Drug Trafficking is a great class for students interested in the history of international drug trafficking. Students will leave with a firm knowledge of the organizations involved in global drug trafficking and United States drug policy, and they will be able to use this information to implement drug policy at the state, local and community levels.

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