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Leaders provide motivation, direction and influence. They expect their followers to get the work done. While many organizations and businesses have more than enough leaders, do they always have enough good followers?

Followership is cool because it explores an often understudied aspect of leadership—a side where followers engage in critical thinking and work together with leaders to achieve success. Students in the class will study different theories and definitions of followership and learn how followers often become subtle, yet influential leaders themselves. They will also learn how followers make a difference by standing up for effective leadership or making their voice heard against ineffective or bad leadership.

Although the majority of work in most organizations is completed by followers, followers aren’t minions, doormats or blind sheep. Good followers take responsibility for shared goals and can bring out the best in their leaders. Leaders need followers to accomplish their goals.

Followership examines the dynamics that result from followership, including the importance of questioning leadership and how leaders are often under the control of their followers. Students will leave the class knowing how to function in an organization more effectively, whether they are a leader or a follower.

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Tami Althoff

Tami Althoff holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism. She is a reporter with more than 20 years’ experience working for newspapers, including The Oklahoman. She has covered everything from breaking news to local music and art. She loves sports, especially OU football and basketball games, where she often embarrasses her children by yelling too loudly.