Class Highlight - Cyberspace Security

Class Highlight - Cyberspace Security

What class? 

Cyberspace Security 

Why is it cool? 

Crime of the future may not look like theft, violence and warfare. Instead, it may take the form of something as simple and seemingly innocuous as a few clicks on a keyboard. As more criminals begin to exploit the speed and anonymity of the online world, cybercrime has the potential to pose very real threats to a wide variety of victims. 

In recent years, cybercrime has grown from a small number of advanced hackers to highly complex cybercriminal networks. Using current legal precedents and academic analysis of law enforcement, Cyberspace Security brings criminal justice into the 21st century by exploring cyberspace crime and security in depth. Students will learn about the various types of crimes committed online, how to profile offenders and the current legal issues relating to a globalized internet. They will also explore emerging issues in data security and the current prevention techniques employed in deterring cyberspace crimes, as well as how to collect, preserve and examine digital evidence. 

Throughout the class, Cyberspace Security invites students to analyze the impact of technology on the nature of criminal activity. Students analyze the true threat of cyberterrorism, take a position on the implementation of nationwide internet ID systems and analyze hacking in relation to technology, social experimentation and security. Over the course of the session, this class equips criminal justice students for threats that become more pervasive with each technological advancement.  

Talk to your advisor to see if this class is right for you, or see what else is offered by the College of Professional and Continuing Studies.  

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