Class Highlight - Collections Management

Class Highlight - Collections Management

What class?

LSMS 5183 – Collections Management

Why is it cool?

As stewards of the collections they oversee, museums must be able to demonstrate professional standards in the documentation, exhibition, storage and conservation of the works entrusted in their care. This is part of an overarching effort insure the collections housed within a museum’s walls are protected for the admiration and research of future generations.

Collections Management is cool because it equips a crucial population of society with the skills they need to preserve artwork and precious historical items for future generations. The class walks students through each process involved in museum stewardship, from collections planning and management policies, to intellectual property rights and legal issues.

Throughout the course, students discuss topics like strategically managing a collection, the difference between collections planning and collections management, understanding how accessioning and deaccessioning relate to the mission of the museum and realizing the legal implications and responsibilities involved.

During each unit of the online course, students learn how to be proactive and reactive in their work, using every tool available to them to manage collections effectively. Students will leave the class knowing well how collections management, though complex and rigorous, can be a fulfilling way to play a vital role in preserving the world’s priceless pieces for generations to come.

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