Class Highlight - Assessment-Based Coaching

Class Highlight - Assessment-Based Coaching

What class?

LSAL 5553 – Assessment-Based Coaching

Why is it cool?

Leaders don’t become leaders overnight. Rising to the top of your field takes hard work, determination and knowing that there’s always room for improvement. Leadership coaches are aware of this, and knowing how to use data from assessment results can help them maximize their coaching effectiveness.

In Assessment-Based Coaching, students will learn how leadership and executive coaches use assessments to obtain objective data as a starting point when coaching organizational leaders. Students will learn what assessment is, the key concepts associated with assessment, the value of using assessments, the types of assessments coaches use and how to find assessments.

Rising to the top of your field takes hard work, determination and knowing that there’s always room for improvement.

Students will also learn how to use assessment results in the coaching process, including how to share both easy and difficult assessment feedback with clients. The class will also include a review of skills students need to be an effective coach, as well as resources that will help them learn and grow as a coach.

By the end of the 16-week course, students will be able to identify different methods used to gather data and understand the reliability and validity of those methods; distinguish leadership and executive coaches from other types of coaches; explain the value of using assessments when coaching leaders; and locate the assessments coaches typically use to support coaching.

After completing the course, students will be able to maximize their impact on future leaders by effectively using assessments and their results in their coaching practice.

Talk to your advisor to see if this class might be right for you, or see what else is offered by the OU Extended Campus College of Professional and Continuing Studies.


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