Book about Garbage Released this Month

Lean Waste Stream: Reducing Material Use and Garbage Using Lean Principles, written by the director of the University of Oklahoma’s Lean Institute, Marc Jensen, was released this month. Lean Waste Stream offers an unprecedented look at how to address business waste in a manner that will improve organizations’ environmental and financial performance.

“By treating environmental wastes as symptoms of inefficient systems, Lean provides a tool to access problems ranging from energy and water conservation to solid waste and transportation,” Jensen said. “Showing the costs associated with environmental waste, Lean creates a framework to drive environmentally responsible economic growth and business-friendly sustainability.”"Lean Waste Stream" book cover

Lean Waste Stream tackles the problem of business garbage from a Lean perspective through:

  • Focusing on minimizing garbage in ways that also cut costs,
  • Including practical exercises with step-by-step instructions,
  • Providing real-world examples that demonstrate how companies have profitably dealt with specific wastes, and
  • Offering Lean practitioners the opportunity to acquire a new specialization within the field of Lean and green.

Jensen earned his Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification in 2009. He serves broadly in an advisory capacity on conservation issues, sitting on several internal OU committees and as a board member of the Oklahoma Recycling Association. The Lean Institute offers classes in process improvement and organizational efficiency, applying techniques from Lean and Six Sigma to improve workflow, improve quality, reduce defects and increase profitability.

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Alexis Trammell

Alexis Trammell contributed to college marketing efforts while working as a student writer.