Are you meeting the requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress?

Are you meeting the requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress?

To be eligible for financial aid at the University of Oklahoma, students are required to make satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward their degree. If you fail to maintain minimum GPA standards, fail to complete classes or don’t take the required number of classes, you risk losing your eligibility for all types of state, federal and university aid administered by Financial Aid Services.

Pretty scary stuff, right? As worrisome as it may be, something that makes the problem worse is that students often don’t have a firm grasp of what SAP really is, or what it looks like for different types of degree programs. Here is what you need to know.

The minimum GPA for undergraduates is 2.0

Both your OU GPA and your total overall GPA (including credits transferred from other institutions) must be at a 2.0 or above to meet the minimum requirements for SAP, with the exception of repeated courses and remedial courses. Students with less than 30 hours may still be eligible with a 1.7 or higher as long as they complete at least 70% of the credit hours in which they enroll.

The minimum GPA for graduate students is 3.0

Graduate students must complete a minimum of five credit hours per semester with a GPA of 3.0 or higher to qualify for financial aid. Both your OU GPA and your Total Overall GPA on your academic transcript are reviewed.

Undergraduate students must complete 70% of the credit hours enrolled in at time of the Financial Aid Enrollment Confirmation Date.

This means you can’t fail the majority of your classes and still meet the SAP requirements–and that you should pay close attention to your schedule before the second week of classes rolls around.

The Financial Aid Enrollment Confirmation Date is at the end of the second week of classes and it is the date used to calculate your financial aid award. To meet the minimum completion requirement, you have to complete 70% of the classes you are enrolled in on that date.

For example, if you are enrolled in 15 hours on the Fall FA Enrollment Confirmation Date and 15 hours on the Spring FA Enrollment Confirmation Date, you are required to complete at least 21 of the 30 total hours attempted.

It is possible to take too many classes

SAP places a limit on the number of hours you can attempt to earn. The limit for undergraduates is 180 hours. The limit for master’s students is 48 hours (or the number required to complete the degree).

Know that you have options if your progress is not satisfactory

There are several options out there if you think you might not be progressing through your studies quite as well as you should. It is important to talk to your advisor early on if you’re having trouble. This can help you protect yourself if your progress is found to be unsatisfactory, and can prevent suspension, probation or the need to apply for reinstatement beforethe situation gets out of hand. Keep an eye out for a future post about ways to protect yourself if you think you might not meet SAP requirements.

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