5 Resources Every PACS Student Should Be Using Right Now

5 Resources Every PACS Student Should Be Using Right Now

The University of Oklahoma and College of Professional and Continuing Studies offer a number of great resources to help you as you pursue your degree. In no certain order, here are a few you can use to get through the semester.

PACS Librarian

Taking classes online is often convenient, but it’s easy to feel lost when you have to write your first research paper. Luckily, PACS has its own dedicated librarian, Cheryl McCain, to guide you through resources that OU’s libraries offer.

The PACS Guide page of the OU Libraries website is loaded with links to a wide variety of resources, from help finding books and articles to specific resources for PACS majors, as well as writing resources, video tutorials and more.

You can reach out to Cheryl via email or schedule an appointment with her through the PACS Guide page.


resources for cls students

Need writing support? The Grammarly@EDU grammar check tool is now available free of charge to all PACS students and faculty.

This automated revision tool finds 10 times as many errors as a word processor and helps you learn by correcting your grammar and spelling errors, as well as improving your vocabulary. The best part? Its online writing tools encourage polished grammar, better overall wordsmithing, and a professional writing style by checking for more than 400 common grammar errors. It works its magic wherever you write online (even in email!), leaving your brain free to think about the subject matter instead of comma placement and punctuation.

Virtual Student Union

If you haven’t visited our OU-PACS Virtual Student Union (VSU), you are seriously missing out. The VSU is the brainchild of PACS advisors and our very own students, each who wanted a place for the PACS community to come together and connect about classes, share resources and even buy and win OU memorabilia. The Facebook group now has more than 400 members with new requests coming in each week.


The Canvas course website is where you will find links to articles and other content your professors may have posted, a discussion board for your course, a course dropbox and grades, as well as a secure way for you to submit questions to your instructor.

Navigation icons on the left side of the screen allow you to adjust account settings, check your dashboard, manage your courses, calendar and inbox, check your history or request help with one of Canvas’ features.

OU CASH for Scholarship Applications

OU’s Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub (CASH) is the university’s one-stop shop for current students to apply for all OU merit and need-based scholarships. College-wide scholarships, departmental scholarships, financial aid scholarships, Sooner Parents scholarships and campus awards are all housed through the online system.

Only current OU students can apply for scholarships through CASH. If you’re an incoming freshman or transfer student, you can find more information about scholarships for incoming students here.

Interested in learning about the other resources available to you as an OU student? Bookmark the Resources section of the PACS blog for regular news and updates!

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