5 Resources Every CLS Student Should be Using Right Now

5 Resources Every CLS Student Should be Using Right Now

Your course homepages received a makeover this year, and with the new additions came a number of great resources to help you as you pursue your degree. In no certain order, here are a few you can use to get through the last leg of the fall semester.


resources for cls studentsNeed writing support? The Grammarly@EDU grammar check tool is now available free of charge to all students and faculty.

This automated revision tool finds 10 times as many errors as a word processor and is incredibly easy to use. The best part? It works its magic wherever you write online (even in email!), leaving your brain free to think about the subject matter instead of comma placement and punctuation.

To access Grammarly, log into D2L and look for “Grammarly@EDU” in the sidebar of any course homepage. The link includes detailed instructions about how to set up your account, and then all you need to do is roll up your sleeves, flex your phalanges and prepare to start typing!

D2L Help

Having technical difficulties? The Student Help Desk on your course homepage is here to assist. Clicking the appropriate link in the D2L Help widget will take you to a form you can use to notify our staff about issues, submit a trouble ticket or simply ask for help.

To access the help desk, navigate to your course homepage and scroll until you see “D2L Help” in the right-hand sidebar. The instructions in the widget will tell you where to go next.

The CLS Course Timeline Widget

Planning is for winners. The Course Timeline widget on your homepage will help you keep track of important dates in the semester and plan for the weeks ahead.

To find the widget, simply navigate to your course homepage and scroll until you see “Course Timeline” in the right-hand sidebar. Your instructors can use this area of the page to keep you aware of crucial deadlines and upcoming assignments.

Virtual Student Union

If you haven’t visited our OU-CLS Virtual Student Union (VSU), you are seriously missing out. The VSU is the brainchild of CLS advisors and our very own students, each who wanted a place for the CLS community to come together and connect about classes, share resources and even buy and win OU memorabilia. The Facebook group now has more than 500 members with new requests coming in each week.

resources for cls students“It is a true testament to the caliber of students we have in our college that the Virtual Student Union would come to be,” said Jennifer Gatlin, a CLS advisor. “This Facebook group has evolved into a true support system for a lot of our students and brought new life to CLS – by sharing stories, lifting each other, venting frustrations and pushing each other to strive for academic success. This initiative has brought the vision of what CLS can do for people into sharp focus, and it’s beautiful.” Read the full article on the VSU.

You can find a link to the VSU in the Important Links for Students in College of Liberal Studies widget. Just look to the center of the course homepage and stop at the link that says “CLS Virtual Student Union”.

The OU Widget

The Useful University of Oklahoma Links widget on your course homepage is full of the resources you’ll use most as a student at OU. Just navigate to one of your courses and look to the center of the page for easy access to the OU homepage, oZONE, your OU email and more.

Update: The College of Liberal Studies was renamed the College of Professional and Continuing Studies in 2017.

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