10 Major Benefits of Being a Sooner

10 Major Benefits of Being a Sooner

As a nontraditional student at PACS, you might not feel like you belong in the same category as the average college student. You probably aren’t leaving the confines of your parents’ house and moving into the dorms, and you might have even experienced a high school reunion or two.

Even though you don’t look like what most people think of when they hear “college student,” that’s exactly what you are. And since you are an OU student, you are entitled to all of the benefits that come along with that. (And, if you ask us, they’re pretty major!)

In no certain order, here are 10 major benefits of being a Sooner.

1. The campus

Benefit of being a Sooner: campus

Feast your eyes on the beauty that is your campus, Sooners. Even if you aren’t able to visit as often as you might like, you are always welcome to come pay a visit to one of the most beautiful college campuses in the U.S.

2. A rich history

Benefits of being a sooner - Great reading room

The University of Oklahoma has a rich history dating back more than 125 years. Our campus houses the Bizzell Memorial Library (built in 1929), a National Historic Landmark that is one of only 20 in the state! When we say we have a “tradition of excellence,” we mean it – and as soon as you enroll as a student here, you become a part of it too.

Want to know more about OU’s history? Check out this interactive timeline.

3. The sports

Benefits - sports

It just wouldn’t be Sooner nation if sports weren’t high up on this list. OU students are admitted free to all sports games except football and men’s basketball. Many Sooner teams sit high in the rankings – such as women’s basketball, volleyball, men’s and women’s gymnastics, and others. You just show up, present your student ID and boom!(er) you’re in.

4. The museums

benefits of being a sooner - FJJMA museum

Being a Sooner isn’t just about sports. OU is home to TWO AAM-accredited museums–the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, the recipient of the nation’s highest honor conferred on museums and libraries for service to the community, and the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, one of the finest university art museums in the country.

The best part? Admission to both museums is free for OU students who bring their student ID. For a few tips on getting the most from a trip to an art museum, check out our interview with Mark White, FJJMA’s director.

5. The performing arts

benefits of being a sooner - performing arts

OU students enjoy deep discounts at the University Theatre (including season passes!). For a full schedule of upcoming performances, refer to the University Theatre website.

6. Norman-area discounts

benefits of being a sooner - discounts

There are benefits of using your OU student ID at other places around town, too. Many businesses in Norman and the OKC metro offer special rates for students – all you have to do is ask!

7. Your alumni network

benefits of being a sooner - alumni

Your time at OU doesn’t have to end with your coursework. The Sooners have a strong and vibrant alumni network that includes thousands of active participants in the alumni association and alumni clubs spread out all over the world.

8. Steals on your favorite technology

benefits of being a sooner - technology

Student discounts are great, but student discounts on technology are huge. OU students enjoy mega price cuts at campus entities like OU IT and One stores, including free downloads of academic resources like Microsoft Office. Check out itstore.ou.edu for a look at the free offerings and discounted tech available to you.

9. Bragging rights

benefits of being a sooner - President Boren with students

If you applied to OU, you’re no stranger to how great the university is. But, just in case you’ve forgotten, here is a reminder from a snippet of DBo’s 2014 annual review:

In 2014, OU was record-breakingly awesome…

Okay, just kidding. That was us. Here it is, from the office of David Boren:

“[In 2014,] students continued to break all records. We had the highest ranked public university student body in state history. For the first time in the nation’s history, a public university, OU, defeated all private universities like Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, Chicago, and others in the number of freshman National Merit Scholars enrolled. Our research park was named #1 in the nation and our campus was included in the 25 most beautiful campuses in America. More of our students are studying abroad this year than ever before (almost one in three). The new Peggy Helmerich Collaborative Learning Center in the Bizzell Memorial Library, which contains the latest in digital technology, drew 50,000 student visits in its first month…”

Pretty impressive stuff, right? And now you can brag about it too.

10. You come for an education. You leave with a family.

benefits of being a sooner family

Your admission to OU makes you part of the student body. The connections you make here bring you into the Sooner family.

Being a Sooner means you get chills when you hear the OU chant, you know that crimson and cream aren't just colors on a jersey and you've caught yourself dreaming about walking your loved ones down the South Oval. During your time here, whether it is in-person or through a series of discussions with online classmates, you will encounter new people and ideas that make you feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself. And you are.

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