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The Southwest Airlines Destination 225°Program provides various pathways to provide the opportunity to get you to the right seat of a Southwest aircraft.

OU School of Aviation Studies is part of Destination 225° University Pathway.

The Destination 225° University pathway is designed for collegiate aviators who attend a Southwest partner university or complete a Southwest Campus Reach Internship.

Destination 225° University Pathway FAQ

How long will it typically take a Destination 225° candidate to become a First Officer?

This will differ by Destination 225° pathway and the experience each candidate brings, but the Cadet pathway will take approximately four years for training and flight experience.

Are there minimal educational requirements?

Educational requirements for Destination 225° are the same as the educational requirements for a First Officer position at Southwest Airlines. A high school diploma or equivalency is required, and a four-year college degree is preferred.

Do the Destination 225° pathways guarantee a job at Southwest Airlines?

While a job at Southwest Airlines is not guaranteed, Destination 225° was created to equip participants with the skills needed to start their career as a Southwest First Officer and is designed to build a pipeline of talented Pilots for Southwest. Neither acceptance into nor successfully completing the program guarantees employment or re-employment at Southwest Airlines.

What are the qualifications and experience required to become a Pilot at Southwest Airlines?

Learn more about the qualifications to become a First Officer at Southwest Airlines


Professional Pilot Concentration

Students who fly at OU train in a modern fleet of aircraft, which features the very latest in aviation technology. Students will be prepared through a multi-engine, commercial rating and a required turbine transition course.

Aviation Management - Flying Concentration

This concentration trains students to become commercial or corporate pilots and includes a general business minor to further diversify their skill sets. The aviation management concentration has options that span from the flight deck to the boardroom.